Not all flow sensors are created equal

A detection system is not a guarantee that you won’t have a leak, but this kind of durability, sensitivity, and quality technical support when you need it means that if a leak happens you can count on the device to detect it, take action, and never be in the dark again.

Founded in 2005
Imagine H2O Award Winner
7 Industry Leading Patents

What is...
7X More Likely than Fire, 6X More Likely than Burglary?

It's Water Damage!

The Leak Defense System continuously monitors your home for hidden leaks and automatically shuts off the water and alerts you if one is detected. Easily control the water flow to your home using the onsite control panel or access it on the go with the mobile app. With multiple ways to monitor your home, you’ll always feel protected. Our full line of accessories allows Leak Defense to work with any type of home plumbing system.

Leaks are costly to the environment

According to the IJC:

Protect Your Home from Hidden Leaks 24/7/365

Integrated With Your Home
Links up with your existing home security or “Smart Home” system. Our color onsite touch control panel allows you to easily open or close the water valve to stop or restart water flow at any time even with no home wifi. No need for special tools to easily and manually override everything.
Always Compatible
The Leak Defense System is compatible with all hot and cold water and even reclaimed irrigation water. Seven pipe sizes ensures no loss of water flow & no loss of water pressure.
Full Control From Anywhere
Our mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play, can optionally notify you of abnormal usage, allowing you to remotely and easily adjust the settings to fit your lifestyle.
Dedicated Customer Support
Our team is committed to providing the best in technical and installation support before, during and after the sale for the life of your product.

Ways to Stay Protected

Leak Defense System Valve

Leak Defense System Valve

Constantly monitors and automatically shuts off water if a leak is detected.

On-Site Control Panel

On-Site Control Panel

Allows you or others to control the system on-site and get alerts when there’s an issue. No WiFi required!

Commercial Control Module

Commercial Control Module

Designed for complex plumbing systems, control multiple valves remotely with custom on off scheduling.

All-Purpose Interface

All-Purpose Interface

Easily integrate security systems, BMS systems, and water using appliances to the LDS for added protection and expanded control.

Point of Leak Detectors

Point of Leak Detectors

Can be placed anywhere there's a high risk for plumbing leaks and sounds an alarm if moisture is detected to help stop the damage before it starts.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Allows you to remotely monitor & control water for one or multiple systems.

Don’t let a leak wreak havoc in your life

Protect your treasured possessions with the only solution that is truly customizable to every home or business need. The Leak Defense System detects pinhole leaks as small as drips per second under your concrete home slab without shutting off your water to test. Patented sensor never reduces your water pressure or water flow. With a full onsite control panel and an included optional mobile app, you can monitor and take full control of your home’s water usage locally and remotely if desired.

Leak Defense System
17 Years in business
Made in USA
Flow body sizes… 0.75", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3" Full port lead-free NSF certified
Adaptations for custom homes Alarm Connections, Irrigation, Filters, Softeners, HVAC, Circulation Pumps, Pools, Fountains. 100’s of interfaces.
Designed to catch small leaks that can lead to mold 0.001 GPM, 1.44 gallons per day
Mobile app ( Google Play, App Store and Web App) for device management
Wifi or No Wifi — No problem. Works both ways.
Onsite color touchscreen control and alarm panel Intuitive and easy to use.
Commercial grade low-torque valve with high-torque motor Highest grade Ternary Eco Alloy food-grade coating, non-porous 400 DPH. Redundant seals, hi-temp, hi-pressure design.
Flow Sensor: Non-mechanical thermodynamic probes Stainless steel, maintenance free, no moving parts
Commercial grade ball valve and housing materials Lead-free brass with T.E.A. coated lead-free brass ball in teflon housing
Works With Hot Water and Cold Water and Irrigation Lines
No input mesh filters required Fully maintenance free
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Before making a selection regarding an automatic water shut off device, consider your plumbing system and the various mechanical devices and appliances running on this system. Carefully review these devices and appliances with your licensed plumber or installation professional before installation of your automatic water shut off device. Please consider the potential downstream impacts of shutting off the water to these plumbing system devices and appliances, especially when the water is shut off for extended periods of time.