Reliable Protection from Hidden Leaks & Water Damage

Premium-grade solution for residential, multi-family and commercial properties.

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Fully customizable to fit any size or type of property
Detects hidden leaks under slabs, behind walls & in ceilings
Be protected 24/7/365 no matter where you are

Loss from Water Damage Can Be Severe

Water damage from hidden leaks can be expensive, inconvenient, and even permanent. The Leak Defense System continuously monitors your properties for hidden leaks and automatically shuts off the water and alerts you if one is detected. Easily control the water flow using the on-site control panel or access it on the go with the mobile app. With multiple ways to monitor, you'll always feel protected against potential loss, expense and hassle from water damage. Our full line of accessories allows Leak Defense to work with any type of residential or commercial plumbing system.

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Superior Leak Detection You Can Count On

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Highest Live-Pipe Leak Detection Sensitivity on the Market

Designed to meet the needs of any complex plumbing system

Provides full water flow to appliances

Trusted by major insurance carriers for 15 years

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Minimize Catastrophic Damage with Early Detection

On premises control panel for easy system access & alerts

Keeps watch over the plumbing you can't see as well as high-risk areas like washing machines for instant shutoff

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Know You're Protected Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile app to monitor multiple properties while on-site or away

Alerts and automatic water shutoff to protect your property and valuables

Easily ties into security systems


Ways to Stay Protected

Leak Defense System Valve

Leak Defense System Valve

Constantly monitors and automatically shuts off water if a leak is detected.

On-Site Control Panel

On-Site Control Panel

Allows you or others to control the system on-site and get alerts when there’s an issue. No WiFi required!

Commercial Control Module

Commercial Control Module

Designed for complex plumbing systems, control multiple valves remotely with custom on off scheduling.

All-Purpose Interface

All-Purpose Interface

Easily integrate security systems, BMS systems, and water using appliances to the LDS for added protection and expanded control.

Point of Leak Detectors

Point of Leak Detectors

Can be placed anywhere there's a high risk for plumbing leaks and sounds an alarm if moisture is detected to help stop the damage before it starts.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Allows you to remotely monitor & control water for one or multiple systems.

Where Do You Need Protection?

The Leak Defense System is so trusted, a number of national insurance companies offer discounts for installing it on your property.

Protect your home's structure, furnishings, and valuables from water damage.
You can monitor and turn off water to entire stacks with the touch of a button.
From structure and equipment to important files, your investment is protected.